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Q) Where are you ?

A) We are located at the rear of the Equestrian Tackle centre on London Road, RH17 5PY, access is via the large double gates to the left Please see the map by clicking here

Q) How long will the work take ?

A) There are many factors involved in vehicle repair, some unavoidable delays are caused                through parts not being available and additional repairs and or parts required.

Q) Do you collect ?

A) Yes, We can either send a mechanic to collect your vehicle and drive it to our workshop or             we can collect with a full lift recovery vehicle if yours is a non starter.

Q) I bought a car on EBay, Can you collect it?

A) Yes, but we will not accept any liability for the mechanical or aesthetical condition of the vehicle. It is your purchase and we are just the carrier, we will not check the vehicle in any way for mechanical or aesthetical appearance internally or externally and you will indemnify us against any such condition.

Q) My car wont start!. What happens if you can not repair it at my house / work ?

A)  We will always try and get your vehicle going. Depending on available time. We will give an estimate for the repair and can arrange for a mechanic to come out to the vehicle with the parts to fix your car or we can arrange for it to be taken back to our workshops pending the arrival of the parts.

Regularly asked questions will be added to this page